In the spring of 2002, Rowan University student Delsea High School alumnus Michael DelRossi had a vision. He wanted to form a summer theater group for young adults. Having grown up as a theater buff in southern New Jersey, he realized how few programs there were for this age group and most of them were too costly to join. 
    With a dream and nothing to lose, he approached the local townships to ask for funding. He was met with an enthusiastic response and also, managed to secure permission to use the Delsea High School auditorium. With funding from the Franklin and Elk Townships, the generous offer to use the Delsea High School Auditorium, the dream became a reality. Thus, Broadway Bound Players was born.

What is Broadway Bound Players?

Broadway Bound Players is a community theatre group for teens and young adults based out of Delsea Regional High School in Franklinville, N.J. We have convenient evening hours so your sunny vacation days are free for work or play. Here you are guaranteed to be a part of a full musical production!

Starting with audition workshops where students will learn how to audition for a specific show learning songs, dances, and monologues for the upcoming production. This is followed by auditions where everyone is cast either as a lead or an ensemble member. Students will then enter the
rehearsal process where they will have constant interaction with our fantastic educational staff of a Director, Musical Director, and Choreographer. 

In roughly six weeks, a full Broadway worthy musical production will be staged and presented for family, friends, and the community.

ANYONE ages 13 & up can join, whether from Franklin, Elk, or any of the surrounding townships. Show off your talents, be a part of something big and make new and lasting friendships.


B.B.P. Mission Statement
Broadway Bound Players is dedicated to illuminating the importance of theater in today’s society. This youth based program allows participants to experience the excitement of theater in a safe and educational environment. Broadway Bound Players offers enrichment through workshops and summer productions. We collaborate with the township, school districts, students, and professionals to create a gem within the community. Broadway Bound Players has the stage, lights, costumes, and the set, add in the young adults and the stage never shined so bright!

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